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Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds

Ever since roller blinds were first introduced in Singapore, it has since then been a huge must-get for many Singaporean households. It was also one of the earliest blinds that were introduced to Singapore. There are many benefits as to why Singaporean households like to choose roller blinds including easy maintenance, easy material modification and a wide and unique array of designs and colours to choose from. Despite the most common use of roller blinds being indoors, they can also be used outdoors in order to block harsh quantities of sunlight in your balconies, making it a very popular option in this very hot Singapore.

Easy maintenance allows for cleaning to take place without complex cleaning tools, only a normal cleaning cloth is sufficient to clean the blind. This allows busier families to save more time on cleaning while remaining dirt and dust free.

Easy material modification simply means that the materials used to make your roller blinds can be changed around to better suit your thematic, regardless of tastes and positioning. It also allows for different levels of opacity of materials to be used to limit the amount of light that gets through your blind into your personal spaces. This also means that you are given absolute control over the level of privacy you desire from your blinds.

E.g. Blinds used for the living room can be more translucent to let in more natural lighting, whereas blinds used for personal rooms, like the bedroom, can have greater levels of opacity to reduce the amount of light that can be let in through the window.

There are also 2 different mechanisms for you to choose from, with one being the standard pulley system and the other being motorised, allowing for the best optimisation, functionality and aesthetics for you and your blinds.

Roller blind variants such as sunscreen can also be used to help keep harmful UVA and UVB rays away from you whereas when it is used outdoors, it can also be used to keep your balcony dry whilst it repels insects.

Lastly, with the simplicity of the roller blinds, it allows Infinium to provide many different unique combinations of colours and designs, allowing your imagination to run wild and ensuring that you are given maximum customisability of your roller blinds.

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Roller Blinds

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