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Smart Curtains

For the people that want to transition from curtains to blinds but like the horizontal movements of the curtains, we suggest the Smart Curtains, aka Vertical Blinds. Made of very light materials and with a similar level of maintainability to normal curtains, they bear striking similarities to them, but modified to better cater to your needs. Vertical blinds come with features that curtains do not, such as controlling the amount of light you want into your room and also the ability to control heat. These features that are often not found in normal curtains, give Vertical Blinds a ledge over traditional curtains. They also come in a large selection of materials, colours, fixtures and fittings, giving them great versatility within Singaporean households.

Factors that allow Vertical Blinds to be functionally better include:

  • Its light and soft nature when compared to already soft curtains.
  • Vanes are separated and tilt efficiently to save electricity whilst going through different levels of privacy that you desire.
  • Even if the vanes get tangled, vanes recovers original shape easily when untangled, no matter for how long they are tangled.
  • Comes with a coating then protects it from pollutant and is washable with just soap. As vanes are independent of each other, they can be simply taken down and washed individually instead of taking down the entire thing.

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Smart Curtains

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