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Zip Blinds

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Zip Blinds

With the steady rise in popularity for use in balconies and patios around Singapore, Zip blinds have been replacing more traditional outdoor blinds due to their more sleek modernity, ease of use, high durability, and low maintenance requirement. Zip blinds are also fully motorized with their own pulling mechanism, and due to how light their materials are, manually adjusting the blinds using the pulley system becomes a rather simple thing, especially since it has been made for smooth movement of the blinds.

  • Zip Blinds are capable of withstanding windy conditions while making sure that it reduces the amount of air-conditioned air that remains inside.
  • Zip blinds can keep out rain, even more so than that roller blinds.
  • Offers great protection against UVA, UVB, heat, dust, debris, and flying insects.
  • Small in stature, allowing you to save more space.

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Zip Blinds

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